A non-comprehensive collection

JustinGawel.com Archive

October 2013

Vampire Interviews, Top Gun, and Blood Sausage


September 2013

Who Wants Popcorn?

Coffee Addicts Anonymous


August 2013

Airplane Bathrooms and Losing Faith in the Business World

Art Fair Abhorrence



July 2013

Just Wait Until Company Leaves

Hey, Buddy, Did You Know Self-Control is Also a Perfectly Fine Lunch Option?

Take Back Lunch?


June 2013

A Realistic Wedding Announcement

My Angry Landlord’s Inner Monologue


May 2013

Everyday Hero

Give Me My Check Now

Guess What, Grandpa is Dead: A Call From the U.S. State Department in Jamaica

I’m Not Going to Save Your Life if You Aren’t Going to Learn Anything


April 2013

Idiot’s Guide to Idiom Etiquette

Monday Morning Marta

Business Erotica

Burger Review


March 2013

All You Can Eat

A Confusing Morning

Swindled Again By AAA

Today My Name is Triumph


February 2013

Dinner Party


One Box of Crunch Berries to Rule Them All


January 2013

Inner Monologue of a Radio Station Caller

Please, Let Me In Your Model United Nations

Cheese Terrors

A Tribute to You: The Quiet, Polite 7-11 Cashier


December 2012

The Minivan Backseat: A Filthy Frontier

Shanty-Van Randy

Autoerotic Fiction

That’s Odd, Really, You Don’t Watch Any TV?


November 2012

A Sobering Graduation Speech

High Schooler’s Plan For The Apocalypse


Presidential Erotica: A Chocolate-Vanilla Swirl

Everyone is Awesome-2


October 2012

Career Fair

Bathroom Vacation

Masturbation Ettiquette: A Sticky Situation

Cool Story, Bro


September 2012

Erotic Fiction: The Fool Triumphant [2/2]

Erotic Fiction: The Fool Triumphant [1/2]

Am I Looking Sad Enough?- An Inner Monologue From a Funeral


August 2012

My Hero – Written By Justin Gawel at Age Seven

My Simple Cowboy Wedding

An Encounter With a Friend’s Ex-Girlfriend


July 2012

Siri, I Can’t Take the Dirty Talk Anymore

Wine, You Make Me All Too Handsy


June 2012

Uncle Ralph: Majorly Drunk at Major Magic’s

Why Didn’t I Lose Six Pounds After Running For Twenty Minutes?

Attention, Everyone, I am the Badass That Brought Outside Food Into This Movie


May 2012

Throbbing, Swabbing, and Sobbing: The Prelude to Any Job Interview

Classy and Gassy: The Tale of an Upstart Fart


April 2012

Which One of My Asshole Kids Spilled the Goddamn Doritos?

Playmates and Rooftop Comedy

Neurotic Erotic Fiction


March 2012

The Week I Guest Authored For The Earl of Etiquette

Everyone is Awesome

No Fight Club For Old Men

So I Created a Match.com Profile [2/2]


February 2012

So I Created a Match.com Profile [1/2]

The Virginity Chronicles

Restaurant Idea


January 2012

Do It Yourself High School Love Letter

Justin Gawel: Animal Control Officer

Irrational Fears: Why Hasn’t She Texted Me Back Yet?

Erotic Fiction – A Dishonorable Discharge


December 2011

My Style of Romance / Cosmopolitan Magazine Doesn’t Know Shit

People Watching > Bird Watching


November 2011


Never Not Funny: Farts Edition


October 2011

My Letter to Adam Richman

How I Would Run My Middle School Gym Class

I Can Live Forever As Long As You Remember Me


September 2011

Fat America

You Can Never Show Weakness

The Fancy Boy’s Guide to Fisticuffs and Roughhousing

Moo Moo Farm


August 2011

Shenanigans of the Dental Variety

My ‘Right Guard XTREME’ Weight Loss Plan

Some Choice Words About the Mall

Craigslist Posting

Ruining Things is Fun


July 2011

Erotic Fiction – Treasure and Pleasure

Super Fun Tuna Noodle Surprise

A Series of Letters to Old Country Buffet

I Want to Smash Little Jason’s Face In

Jeff Gordon is Back?

A Few Choice Words About the Airport

Justin’s Money Saving Tips


June 2011

I’ve Decided to Sell My Nokia 5110

My Love Letter to Al Roker

Why Do I Always Wait Until it is an Emergency To Take A Shit?

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