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Thank You, and Onward Into the Bed Bath and Beyond

Ladies and Gentlemen,


Thank you, danke schön, truly all of the above!


The Season Two Hopper has been depleted. I appreciate you all subscribing and surfing your way over each week and letting me distract with little stories, letters, pleas. The occasional joke stretched out to the point where it’s no longer funny. I really do always appreciate the support and Internet love. Seriously, thank you all for making writing even more fun!


Before I retreat into regenerating my article reserve for Season Three and continuing work on a few longer projects, I’d like to share one more piece. It would have been posted here had it not run on National Lampoon’s website back in March:


For Our Wedding We’re Registered For All the Items We Destroyed During the Blowout Fight We Had While Registering at Bed Bath and Beyond


Sorry for making you click through; I just have to abide by their terms here.


Thank you all, again, for being amazing. See you in Season Three!





***UPDATE: National Lampoon’s website was removed when they sold the company later in 2017. The link will now take you to the article on the Weekly Humorist, where the old NL archive now resides.



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